Vermont Physician Leader Receives National Honor

Posted on: 10/27/2014

St. Albans, Vt. (Oct. 28) – Toby Sadkin, MD, a family medicine physician practicing in St. Albans, is the recipient of the 2014 Physician Executive of the Year Award from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), a national association for medical practice executives and leaders.

In addition to seeing patients full-time at St. Albans Primary Care, Dr. Sadkin is the Executive Committee chair at Primary Care Health Partners (PCHP), a group of eight primary care offices located in Vermont and upstate New York. She is the managing partner of PCHP’s Vermont offices, located in Brattleboro, Burlington, Bennington, South Burlington, and St. Albans. PCHP is the largest physician-owned primary care organization in Vermont.

The MGMA Physician Executive of the Year Award recognizes a physician in a medical group practice who has exhibited outstanding leadership to achieve exceptional medical group performance in the delivery of health care, through both personal example and collaborative team management.

Dr. Sadkin has been instrumental in the success of PCHP, which was formed in 2000 in response to the Kaiser Permanente health plan leaving the region. Under her leadership, PCHP acquired and reorganized a medical billing company to provide billing services to its eight practices. A sister company, Northeast Medical Practice Management, was formed in 2009 to offer those services to other medical practices not in PCHP.

She has also been a leader in using technology to improve the delivery of health care services. Dr. Sadkin’s office was the first PCHP site to implement an electronic health record system in 2007, long before the federal government offered incentives for physicians to use the technology. She then led the rollout of the EHR system to other PCHP offices. More recently, Dr. Sadkin has been leading PCHP in the implementation of an online portal in medical offices so that patients can easily access their own medical records.

“Everyone within PCHP and many others outside PCHP are amazed at how much Dr. Sadkin has given of her time through committee participations, as well as frequently reaching out to the managers at the PCHP administrative office in Williston,” said Jon Asselin, PCHP’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer. “She remains on top of operational and financial, as well as clinical issues,” he said.

Dr. Sadkin has also been active in other Vermont organizations. She is a board member at OneCare Vermont, a statewide accountable care organization that coordinates the health care of 54,000 Vermont Medicare beneficiaries, and has recently expanded to cover beneficiaries of Medicaid and commercial insurance programs.

MGMA presented the award to Dr. Sadkin on October 27 during its annual conference in Las Vegas.

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